Saturday, September 29, 2012

31 Days of Children's ABC Books

Welcome to Our Learning Collection!  Join us as we explore children's ABC books in October. We'll look at a variety of ABC books based on different subjects, from board books to nonfiction books for older children. Each book discussion will be followed by a Question Collection as we use family conversation starters to enrich our learning.  We love hearing about how you use books in your family so please share any ideas you have in the Comments section.  Enjoy our collection of ABC books!

Day  1:  P is for Pumpkin
Day  2:  Alpha Bugs (A Pop-up Alphabet)
Day  3:  The Construction Alphabet
Day  4:  A To Z
Day  5:  A Paddling of Ducks
Day  6:  Alphabet City
Day  7:  Country Road ABC
Day  8:  3D ABC, A Sculptural Alphabet
Day  9:  Eric Carle's ABC
Day 10: The ABC Mystery
Day 11: Amelia to Zora, Twenty-six Women Who Changed the World
Day 12: Come Rhyme With Me!
Day 13: Pigs from A to Z
Day 14: Flea Market Fleas from A to Z
Day 15: A is for Amazing Moments-A Sports Alphabet
Day 16: LMNOPeas
Day 17: A-B-C Look at Me
Day 18: The Turn-Around Upside-Down Alphabet Book
Day 19: Baby Einstein The ABCs of Art
Day 20: A is for Abigail
Day 21: Max's ABC
Day 22: If Rocks Could Sing, A Discovered Alphabet
Day 23: B is for Buckaroo, A Cowboy Alphabet
Day 24: "R" is for Research
Day 25: Paul Thurlby's Alphabet
Day 26: Thanksgiving Day Alphabet
Day 27: ABC I Like Me!
Day 28: Twenty-six Princesses
Day 29: Handsigns, A Sign Language Alphabet
Day 30: Alphabet Times Four, An International Alphabet
Day 31: Hungry Monster ABC

Bonus:  T is for Turkey  
             Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten


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