Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Construction Alphabet Book

The Construction Alphabet Book, by Jerry Pallotta with illustrations by Rob Bolster, uses common construction items to read through the alphabet.  The narrative makes the story very interesting for children who like to learn about construction equipment.  Much has been written about engaging boys in learning and we think this book is a great example of a high interest book for boys.  Every family member is sure to learn more about construction through this well written and illustrated book.  What’s especially fun is that the author completes the alphabet and then starts over with letters A-C with a challenge for readers to finish the next alphabet by writing their own books!

*Which pieces of construction equipment have you seen?
*What did you learn about construction equipment?
*Can you think of other pieces of equipment to continue the alphabet?

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  1. Fun! My boys love books (2 & almost 1) and we've been working with my older son on counting, but not letters yet! It's good to know there are good ABC books out there. :)

  2. Isn't it great when they love books at such an early age? Hope you find some inspiration here to explore some more ABC books. Thanks for stopping by!