Monday, September 17, 2012

Wild About Books

Wild About Books, by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Marc Brown, is one of the most creative children’s books I’ve ever read!  This award-winning book is a great read-aloud to start a new school year.  Children, parents, and teachers will all enjoy Sierra’s creativity. She writes a delightful book that emphasizes different authors and reading through the use of Molly McGrew’s bookmobile, zoo animals, and rhyming.  Some examples of the creative uses of literature include the otters that read Harry Potter and the baby bunnies that read Goodnight Moon.  This is a book that lends itself to re-reading as children get older and can find the humor in Sierra’s delightful writing!  This is a book that we think belongs in every child’s library!

*What books have you read that are mentioned in this book?
*What was your favorite animal and book?
*Why do you think the animals started writing after reading so much?

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