Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amelia to Zora, Twenty-six Women Who Changed the World

As a family, we like to find nonfiction books that inspire us.  Amelia to Zora, Twenty-six Women Who Changed the World, written by Cynthia Chin-Lee and illustrated by Megan Halsey and Sean Addy, is a book that meets those criteria.  The multicultural female role models in this book are outstanding examples of lives to be studied.

The author names an inspiring woman for each letter of the alphabet (by first names), a narrative that tells more about their lives, and a quote from each woman.  The illustrators use a variety of artistic techniques that exemplify each woman’s achievements.  Amelia Earhart, Imogen Cunningham, Quah Ah, and Wilma Mankiller are a few of the unforgettable women who are listed. This book is a book that’s meant to be re-read for meaning.  It is sure to pique you and your family’s interest.  Fortunately, Ms. Chin-Lee has included a selected bibliography so that you can find more books about the women she introduces in the book.

This alphabet book is a great way to introduce children to biographies.  With twenty-six women to study, it’s easy to see how at least one of them will inspire children to dig deeper into a study of other people’s lives.

*Which women had you already heard about?
*Which women were new to you?
*Which stories did you find most inspiring?
*What special techniques did the illustrators use to convey the accomplishments of these
*Which quotes did you find most inspiring?

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