Friday, October 12, 2012

Come Rhyme With Me!

We love to read Come Rhyme with Me!, by Hans Wilhelm.  The author uses the alphabet to introduce animals via a rhyming pattern that’s completed by the reader.   Each two-line rhyme ends with a paper flap (with lines to indicate how many letters the rhyming missing word has) covering the rhyming word.  After the reader/listener has guessed the word, the flap can be lifted to reveal the correct word.  The rhymes are high interest and are illustrated by bright, humorous pictures.  This book invites interaction with the reader and listener.  It’s a great book to use to introduce children to rhyming in a fun way. 

*Were some rhymes harder than others?
*Which picture did you like the best?
*Can you think of some other rhymes to add to the book?

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