Saturday, October 20, 2012

A is for Abigail

A is for Abigail, the Almanac of Amazing American Women, written by Lynne Cheney, and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser, is filled with examples of women of great achievements.  An alphabet format is used to spotlight American women whose name or achievements begin with that specific letter.  In addition to the main woman portrayed, many examples are given of women who have high achievement in similar positions.  For example, B is for Elizabeth Blackwell so other women of medical notoriety are listed. 

This book introduces many women to young readers.  Notes at the back of the book give additional information about the women listed.  We found this book helpful, but we felt it was visually overwhelming on some pages.  For some readers this might not pose a challenge, but the various styles used made it feel a little disjointed to us.  It is however, helpful as a reference point to learn more about American women’s achievements.

*What amazing woman did you learn about from this book?
*Which women inspired you the most?
*What occupations sounded interesting?

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