Friday, September 28, 2012

Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile

Collecting and sharing memories enrich our lives.  We think Gloria Houston’s books are perfect examples of this idea.  Her latest book, Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile, continues this tradition of preserving an important memory from her childhood that shows how one person can make a difference.  Miss Dorothy dreamed of being a librarian in a big brick building, but instead becomes a librarian via a bookmobile that takes books to children in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   One of those children becomes an award winning children’s author, Gloria Houston! 

For anyone who believes in the power of books, this story holds great importance.  We had the privilege of meeting Gloria Houston, and she told us of others who were touched by Miss Dorothy’s bookmobile (you can read their letters in the book).  This book is a great discussion tool for children at home and at school.  We hope you enjoy hearing about Miss Dorothy and her influence on countless children!

*Why do you think it was important for this book to be written?
*What books do you think Miss Dorothy had in her bookmobile?
*Would you like to get books from a bookmobile?  Why?
*Does Miss Dorothy remind you of anyone in your life?

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