Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alphabet City

Alphabet City, by Stephen T. Johnson, is a visual tour of the alphabet as seen in various city scenes.  This wordless picture book is a fun book to use for children who love to find hidden pictures.  Some letters are obvious, but it takes some searching and discrimination to see the others.  This book is a great springboard to go searching for letters in your environment.  We’ve searched for letters in locales we’ve visited too.  Happy looking!

*Were some letters easier to see than others?
*What do you think was the most creative letter pictured?
*Where have you seen letters in your environment?

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  1. Hello I am visiting via the Nester's 31 days series. Your series is truly a great read. :)

    I too am participating in the series. My topic is "Decor To Adore~ finding your style". I would like to invite you to stop by anytime.

    Have a beautiful day and a wonderful fall season.

  2. Thank you! We love to read! I'll be sure to visit your blog. It sounds like a great topic.
    Enjoy your fall season too!