Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pigs from A to Z

Pigs from A To Z, by Arthur Geisert, is a clever book that uses the alphabet to tell a story about seven pigs who make a treehouse.  What at first seems to be a simple story of the alphabet naming something that goes along with the seven pigs’ work efforts evolves into a puzzle for the reader.  The beginning of the book indicates that sometimes one or more of the pigs may be hiding, but there will always be seven pigs on each page.  Also, the pictures reveal more clues to further challenge the reader.  For the alphabet letter being described, there will be five forms of it hidden in the picture, along with one form of the preceding letter and one form of the following letter.  It’s great fun to search for them!
Arthur Geisert’s imagination makes this such a fun alphabet book.  Have fun reading and searching!  And, we have to tell you, there is an answer key in the back if you need help!

*Which letter is your favorite in this book?
*Do the hidden pictures make it more fun for you?
*Can you imagine what the pigs are saying to each other?

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