Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Butterfly Tree

As you and your children explore nature, the book, Butterfly Tree, can add to your appreciation of natural beauty and wonder of monarch butterflies. Through an unfolding story about a little girl, her dog Fudge, and her mom, author Sandra Markle explains how the little girl’s imagination helps them to find the butterfly tree.  This book, beautifully illustrated by Leslie Wu, is a great example of using picture walks to predict what the little girl will see.  Re-reading this book will help the reader/listener discover new items in the illustrations each time.  Also included at the conclusion is a helpful page with facts about monarch butterflies.  We enjoyed this book of fiction combined with nonfiction to help us learn more about monarch butterflies.

*How many monarch butterflies do you think were on the tree?
*Have you ever had a butterfly land on you?
*What kind of memory did the little girl and her mom make?

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