Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Adoption Day!

We are a family who has been blessed by adoption.  We like to find books that celebrate this blessing in our lives.  Happy Adoption Day!, written by John McCutcheon, is one book that explores adoption and the way families are formed.  The words and illustrations indicate that in this particular adoption the story began overseas, but there are similarities that could be found in domestic adoptions.  This book is a celebration and a discussion starter for us.  Because of the uniqueness of each family, we feel it’s a book we can recommend as a starting point in dialogue about a child and family’s adoption story.  We read it frequently and especially on our Forever Family Day.  If your family has been formed through adoption, we hope you find it helpful.

*How do you like to celebrate our Forever Family Day?
*How do you think this child feels about adoption?
*Are there any questions you have about adoption?

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