Monday, September 10, 2012

The Chicken of the Family

We love reading humorous books!  The Chicken of the Family, by Mary Amato, provides humor while also teaching some important lessons about believing in oneself and ignoring unkind remarks.  The illustrations by Delphine Durand add to the fun of the story.

Henrietta, the youngest of three girls, is teased by her sisters into believing she is a chicken.  They convince her that she is a chicken by leaving an egg and feathers in her room.  Henrietta is so convinced that she’s a chicken that she leaves to find her real family---a flock of chickens on a farm!  The chickens accept her, and Henrietta finds comfort being with the chickens.  Henrietta uses her peace with the chickens to find herself.  Her sisters soon find that Henrietta’s self confidence is truly amazing!

This book is a great discussion starter with children on the effects of teasing and also in how to be true to one’s self.  We hope you and your family enjoy the humor and the lessons!

*Why do you think Henrietta’s sisters teased her?
*What do you think about Henrietta’s solution to her sisters’ teasing?
*What would you have done if you were Henrietta?
*Have you ever felt like Henrietta did?

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