Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Einstein The ABCs of Art

Baby Einstein The ABCs of Art, by Julie Aigner-Clark, is an outstanding collection of artwork introduced by key words in alphabetical order.  What a fun way to introduce young children to a wide variety of art pieces!  We especially like the questions that encourage interaction (much like our goal of Question Collection) as the artwork is viewed.

Although the book may be marketed as part of the Baby Einstein collection, this is a book that children can return to at any age as they develop more art appreciation skills.  This is a great book to use before a family trip to an art museum.  The art credits given also help in identifying which pieces might be in a particular museum you anticipate visiting. 

*Which art is your favorite?
*Would you like to paint in the style of some of these paintings?  
           Which ones?
*Can you make your own art museum by collecting pictures from  
            magazines and newspapers?

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