Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hand Rhymes

Hand Rhymes, collected and illustrated by Marc Brown, is an interactive way to introduce simple rhymes to your young child. We love the way the simple illustrations accompanying each line help us act out the rhyme.  Some rhymes were familiar (Five Little Babies, The Church) to us, while others were new to our reading. This book is a fun way to make reading and memorizing more kinesthetic for children.  It’s also a great book for children who are learning to read to share their new skills with younger children.  Then they both can act out the rhymes.  However you enjoy this book, you’ll be able to have a set of rhymes which can also be used during those transitional times for children (waiting in grocery line, doctor’s office, etc.) so that you have a “literacy plan” when you need it!  Enjoy!

*What is your favorite rhyme?
*Can you do one of the rhymes by yourself?
*Can you think of a rhyme that’s not in this book and figure out a way to make a hand rhyme to go with it?

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