Thursday, August 16, 2012

Math For All Seasons

We’ve been looking for more nonfiction books to add to our home library.  We found Math for All Seasons, by Greg Tang, to be a fun way to add a book about math (pun intended!).  Cleverly written rhyming math riddles and a companion visual page help young children (author recommendation for ages 5-8) with problem solving.  For children who learn visually this book is especially fun.  The illustrations are bright and clear, and the math question in the riddle is written in a different color font than the rest of the rhyme.  As suggested by the title, there are math riddles for the seasons and various holidays.  This is a book that can be picked up for a few minutes to solve a few riddles or to read in its entirety.  I also think this book could serve as a mentor text by encouraging children who enjoy math to write their own riddles.  We hope you have fun solving these math riddles!

*Which is your favorite riddle?
*Which picture did you like best?
*Was there a riddle that was more difficult for you?
*Can you think of your own math riddle?

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