Friday, August 3, 2012

Blokus Junior Game

Are you looking for a strategy game that will challenge your child?  We found that the Blokus Junior Game is a fun way for children to begin understanding strategies in a visual manner.  Small green and red two dimensional blocks are configured in various ways and placed on a grid.  The object of the game is to place as many of your pieces on the board as you alternate turns with another player.  The winner is the person with the fewest blocks left.

Paper patterns are also included in the game set so that your children can copy the pre-made patterns.  As your children understand more of the game, they can just use the plastic grid to make their own designs.

We like this game as a family because it changes each time you play it and really makes players aware of visual strategy.  As learning becomes more visually oriented we think this will build visual skills.  We hope you enjoy this game as much as we do!

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