Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Year Full of Holidays

A Year Full of Holidays, by Susan Middleton Elya, provides reading material about holidays as a little girl, Nell, celebrates her birthday in August.  She asks when her birthday will return so her parents tell her that there are monthly holidays that will help her pass the time.  We found this book to be a good way to understand the passage of time and how we celebrate various holidays.  Simple, memorable illustrations by Dianna Cain Bluthenthal add to the text by providing visuals that are easily understood by a child.  An added bonus is that the story is written in rhyme.  This is a book that is picked up various times during the year for a re-read as we approach holidays.  Enjoy!

*What month is your birthday?
*What’s your favorite holiday?  What month is it?
*What picture would you draw for your favorite holiday?

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