Monday, July 2, 2012

Collecting Memories, Part 2

I love to scrapbook with Project Life, and I’ve found that our daughter also loves having her own photos of favorite events.  At first, I put pictures for her in a small 4 by 6 photo album.  This made it easy for her to carry and handle.  However, as she has developed more writing skills we’ve begun using a larger photo album that has space for writing beside each photo.  This has been a great way for her to label her photos as she goes back and looks at pictures of friends, family, and events.  Labeling the pictures with names has become very important to her.  We think it’s a great way for her to develop writing skills while she collects memories.  For another way we collect memories, check here.  

Do you have a way to for your children to collect their memories?  We’d love to hear about them!

Ideas for Photo Albums with Children:

*Let children pick from a variety of photos.
*Photos don't need to be in chronological order.
*Ask young children what they'd like to write about the photo.
*We label some photos with names only and others with dates, places, and other information.
*Leave space to add to the collection.  We like to do a few at a time so it's not overwhelming, but still remains fun.
*Ask children what photos they would like to take/have parents take at new events.
*Keep things fun!  Use colored pencils, stickers, etc. to add creativity to the writing spaces.

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