Monday, July 9, 2012

Learning about Estimating

Summer is a great time to incorporate everyday learning into our routine. We’re trying to have fun this summer while we review academic skills from the school year.   Here are some things we’re doing with estimating:

*Water play:  Using different size pitchers, bowls, and droppers to determine how much water another object can hold.

*Peanut shells:  At a local restaurant we estimated how many peanuts were in various sized shells.  Fun!

*Water evaporation:  Pour water in a shaded area of the sidewalk and then on a sunny area of the sidewalk using the same container each time.  Which one evaporates more quickly?

*Sidewalk chalk:  Draw a long line and have your child estimate how many steps it takes to walk it.

*Beads:  Estimate how many beads will fit on a lacing string.

We hope you have fun with these ideas!

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