Monday, June 25, 2012

Collecting Memories, Part I

Summer is an especially great time to be making memories with your children.  Because of the changes in daily schedules, it can often be hard to capture those special memories.  One activity we’ve added to our routine is using journaling to record favorite child-chosen memories.  We’re using the Mead Primary Journal because it has lined paper with space at the top to draw pictures.  It’s such a great way for early writers to collect memories with pictures and writing. 

If you have a younger child who is not yet writing, you can use this journal for their drawings and have an adult record the child’s dictation to you.  If your child is a beginning writer, it’s a great tool to combine pictures and writing.  We’ve also used it to collect and share memories when a parent is out of town.  We labeled the days and then had our child draw pictures of various daily events.

Children love to read their own writing so this journal is often re-read which helps them form memories.  We hope you are having a great summer full of good memories too!

Collecting Memories Ideas:

*We use colored pencils or crayons to draw the pictures.   Markers have a tendency to bleed through to other pages.

*Spelling is not important.  We strive to write sentences, but lists are fine for some memories.

*To reinforce the importance of journaling, parents may want to write in their journals while children are completing their journal entries.

*Pictures and/or postcards from travel can be affixed in the space at the top.

*Enjoy collecting memories with your children!

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