Friday, May 4, 2012

Momma, Will You?

Momma, Will You?, by Dori Chaconas, is a heart warming story told as a little boy, his baby sister, and Momma go about their day on a farm. The little boy asks his Momma various questions about the farm animals they encounter.  Every question is followed by, “Yes, or no, or maybe?”  The mother answers each question in a rhyme that adds to the ease of reading this book. The paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher add to the beauty of this book.  The “question” pages have a simple silhouette of the animal in question on a colorful background while the “answer” pages have beautiful vignettes of the little boy, baby sister, and Momma.  We hope you enjoy this peaceful, heartwarming book about family relationships.

*What is your favorite question in the book?
*What question would you ask about a farm animal?
*Which picture is your favorite?

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