Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Street

Do your children like to watch road construction?  As we run errands and travel in the summer, we’ve found our “waiting” time during stops for road construction can be turned into learning opportunities.  Easy Street, by Rita Gray and illustrations by Mary Bono, is a great way to read more about how streets are made.  The sequential three dimensional clay people and construction materials make the book’s rhyming story even more fun.  The diversity of the workers also makes the book more realistic.  After a few readings, children will be able to quote these fun rhymes and understand the street making process. An added page by the author also gives more detailed explanations of how asphalt is used in the street making process.  We hope you enjoy this fun book!

*Which job would you like to have on Easy Street?
*What kinds of tools are used in making a street?
*Can you tell some rhyming words you heard?

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