Friday, May 11, 2012

Ladybugs, Red, Fiery, and Bright

We are always looking for interesting nonfiction books to add to our library.  We also like rhyming books and beautifully illustrated books. Ladybugs, Red, Fiery, and Bright, by Mia Posada, is all of these things.

This is a perfect book to do a picture walk so you and your children can enjoy the beautiful illustrations first.  The first few pages describe ladybugs in general followed by descriptions and illustrations of the life cycle of ladybugs.  We liked learning new vocabulary (larvae, molting, etc.) and the follow-up section at the back of the book that shows different kinds of ladybugs.  This is a great book to add to your nonfiction collection!

*What did you learn about ladybugs?
*Can you find some rhyming words used in the book?
*Have you seen different kinds of ladybugs?

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