Friday, April 27, 2012

Mama's Little Duckling

Mama’s Little Duckling, by Marjorie Blain Parker, tells the story of a mama duckling and her efforts to keep her duckling, Dandelion Duckling, safe while also allowing him to explore his world. The author makes the story even more interesting by use of alliteration.  We enjoy reading about all of Dandelion’s adventures with his friends.

In addition to enjoying the story, a parent can use this book to help a child who is questioning boundaries.  The duckling learns how much his mama loves him through her actions.  A surprise ending shows the love Dandelion has for his Mama.  This is a great book for a mother and her children to learn from together.

*Why does Mama Duckling warn Dandelion?
*Who are Dandelion’s friends?
*Were you surprised at the ending?

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