Thursday, April 5, 2012

God's Great Big Love For Me

God’s Great Big Love for Me, by Max Lucado, is an interactive book that helps children memorize and understand John 3:16. A cut-out at the top of the book contains a set of six colored beads which children can touch and/or slide to help them remember various aspects of God’s love.  A portion of the verse (John 3:16) is revealed on each page.  Then there is a more detailed explanation of each part of the verse below the memory verse.  These components of the book can be used and adjusted to children at various developmental stages.  It can be a little overwhelming to do the beads, read the verse, and then read the explanation the first few times you look at the book.  However, as you explore the book more, children and parents can add the components as the verse becomes more familiar.  This book can be a useful tool in beginning Scripture memorization with your child.

*Can you close the book and tell what each bead color represents?
*Can you say John 3:16 together with me now?
*Why is this verse important?

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