Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowmen at Night

Are you looking for a fun, engaging book to spark your child’s creativity?  We love reading Snowmen at Night (written by Caralyn Buehler and illustrated by Mark Buehner) to imagine what snowmen really do when we’re not looking.  From skating to baseball games (played with snowballs, of course!) to sledding, these snowmen are busy!

Reading the verses in rhyme while laughing at the pictures always makes us come up with new ideas.  This is also a great book to do a picture walk either before or after reading to find the hidden pictures in some of the snow scenes.  Have fun reading this book and looking for them!

*Which snowman scene is your favorite?
*Can you think of other things snowmen might do at night?
*If you were a snowman, what would you do at night?

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