Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Polar Bear...

Dear Polar Bear, by Barry Ablett, is a fun, fictional book that teaches children lots of information about bears.   Polar Bear writes to his various friends (other bears) around the world with his problems, and his friend, Postman Penguin, delivers his letters.  The envelopes are addressed to each friend with factual information about the bear’s habitat.  Each friend responds with a letter containing a solution.  Children have fun opening the letters to find out what the friend has sent. 

Children learn more about bears and their habitats while having fun listening to or reading this book.  In addition, the inside cover is illustrated with a world map showing each bear’s location. There is also much to be learned about friendship.  A surprise ending shows how much the other bears care about Polar Bear!  It’s a fun, heart-warming story to share with your children. 

*Which kind of bear is your favorite?
*Which gift surprised you the most?
*What would you send to Polar Bear?

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