Friday, January 20, 2012

Animal Babies in Polar Lands

We have lots of fictional books about snow, snowmen, and snow animals.  One of our reading goals is to include more nonfiction.  Animal Babies in Polar Lands, by Jennifer Schofield, is a delightful book that introduces children to learning more about polar animals. 

The first page about each animal presents a close-up photograph of a baby animal with information about the animal and closes with a question about the mommy’s identity.  The next pages show the baby animal with its mother and give the baby’s name (such as pup, chick, etc.).  The superb photographs along with the factual information make this a great book to introduce nonfiction to your reading time with your children.  We re-read this book often because it’s so enjoyable.  We hope you learn from it too!

*Which animal is your favorite?
*Which animal looks most like its mommy? 
*Which animal looks least like its mommy?
*Can you remember the names of the baby animals?

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