Friday, January 3, 2014

Learning Activities for Last Year's Calendar


It's a Month of Math!

Are you looking for some ways to engage your children in math (in fun ways!)?  Use last year's calendars (wall calendars, planners, free samples, etc.) to encourage your child's time and math awareness.  Try these activities to engage your children in creative ways:

*Tear apart the months and let children put them back in order.
*Using the calendar grid, have children color code the even numbers, then use a different color to code the numbers counting by 5s and 10s.
*Cut out the days of the week and have children put them in order.
*Cut out squares denoting holidays and have children match them to the correct months.
*Cut out a picture from the calendar in three slices (or more depending upon the age of the child) so children can work on sequencing skills to arrange the picture again.
*Cut out a grid of squares, then have children match single, double, triple, etc. squares to develop awareness of adding.  For example, cut out a grid of 10 squares.  Provide single, double, and triple square grids so that children can place those on top of the ten spaced grid to see how numbers add up to 10.

Have fun!  Look to our next post on developing a calendar for this year with your children.

Let us know how you use last year's calendars with your family!

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