Thursday, January 9, 2014

Domino Addition


It's a Month of Math!

One of the best ways to develop math skills is by using simple visual, tactile objects.  Domino Addition, by Lynnette Long, uses dominoes to teach number recognition, counting, and simple addition.  This is a great book to use with early learners along with a set of dominoes so that they can manipulate the tiles as they listen to the story.  Long does a terrific job of using a readily available game to extend learning.  One example of the way she teaches number recognition and counting is through the photographs of domino tiles arranged in a number (such as 4) and then asking the reader to find the dominoes that have 4 dots on it.  An answer key is given at the bottom of those pages.
If your child is beginning to add single digit numbers, this is a great book to use!

*Can you arrange dominoes to make numerals?
*Can you make some addition facts with dominoes and write the equations for them?
*What did you learn from this book?

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