Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why? The best ever question and answer book about nature, science, and the world around you

Why?  The best ever question and answer book about nature, science and the world around you, by Catherine Ripley and illustrated by Scot Ritchie, is a fun book to read and use for children’s questions. Questions that you may have heard are covered in this book.  The colorful illustrations add to the enjoyment of finding answers.  Here are examples of some of the kinds of questions that are found in the book:

Supermarket questions
  *Do the doors open by magic?
Nighttime questions
  *Why do stars twinkle?
Outdoor questions
  *Why do birds sing?
Kitchen questions
  *Why does popcorn pop?
Farm Animal questions
  *Why do pigs roll in the mud?

This is a great book for summer when you and your family might have more time to explore and read.  We recommend adding this to your home library so you can have a handy reference when any of those “Why?” questions pop up!  Have fun!

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