Thursday, May 16, 2013

Muddy As A Duck Puddle

Muddy As A Duck Puddle and Other American Similes, by Laurie Lawloer and illustrated by Ethan Long, is a good resource to learn more about similes.  The book, done in an ABC format, gives examples of many similes.  They are very humorous and great conversation starters as you read the book with children.  There were some we had never heard of, while others were recognized.  One of the nicer features about this book is found at the conclusion of the book.  A thumbnail sketch of each page is accompanied by the place of origin of the simile and a brief explanation of the simile’s meaning.  Enjoy exploring similes!

*What’s the funniest simile to you?
*Which ones had you heard?
*Which ones are new to you?

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