Friday, March 8, 2013

On the Night You Were Born

On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman, is a beautiful book that every child deserves to hear.  Psalm 139 is quoted at the beginning of the book—For you are fearfully and wonderfully made….and the story unfolds to confirm the special place each child holds.  The rhyming words and the beautiful illustrations paint loving pictures of the night the child was born.  Taking a picture walk before and after reading the story enhances this story and leads to conversation.  We like to read this at birthday times and any other time when a gentle reminder of our special place in the world is needed.  This book is a great gift idea for a family with a newborn!

*What is your favorite picture in this book?
*Why do you think you are special?
*Why do you think God made each person different?

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