Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Big Bad Bunny

Big Bad Bunny, written by Franny Billingsley, with art by G. Brian Karas, starts off with a fearsome Bunny and a calm Mama Mouse. One page depicts the scary Bunny with fierce text and then the next page is very much a contrast with the serene Mama Mouse.  The story progresses as Big Bad Bunny realizes she is lost (the one thing she’s scared of) with the reader discovering that Mama Mouse is looking for her lost child…..yes, her child mouse pretending she is Big Bad Bunny!  It ends up being a humorous book with this surprise ending.  It’s a great conversation starter about making assumptions, the fun of pretend play, and the reassurance that a mother will look out for her child.  We hope you enjoy meeting Big Bad Bunny!

*How would you describe Big Bad Bunny?  Mama Mouse?
*Are you surprised Big Bad Bunny is afraid of anything?
*Do you like to pretend you’re something else?  What?

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