Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine (Strawberry Shortcake), by Megan E. Bryant, is a typical Strawberry Shortcake story that is centered on Valentine’s Day.  Many young girls enjoy Strawberry Shortcake stories, and this one has some nice features that open up discussions about friendship.  Strawberry discovers a secret valentine and tries to discover who sent it to her while she delivers her valentines.  We like looking at the full page illustrations of the valentines Strawberry has designed for her friends.  One page is a recipe for friendship, one is a seed packet, and another is a scavenger hunt.  We enjoy the creativity and how it sparked some ideas for handmade valentine’s cards!

*Who did you think the secret valentine was from?
*Which valentine card did you like the best?
*What kind of valentine card could you make?

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