Friday, February 15, 2013

Custard Surprise

We love humorous books, as you well know! We’ve found another one in Custard Surprise, by Bernard Lodge and illustrated by Tim Bowers. Dinah and Rufus, two chickens, open Dinah’s diner in this fun I Can Read! Book.  Rufus tries, to no avail, to get the customers interested in his dessert, custard surprise.  The animal customers always request something not on the menu, so Rufus makes various concoctions to surprise them.  However, the custard surprise turns out to be a real surprise as Dinah outsmarts a fox!  

*Were you surprised by the custard surprise?
*What did you think was the funniest recipe that Rufus made?
*What animal do you think visited Dinah’s Diner next?

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