Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Library Lily

Are you planning some fun trips to the library this summer?  Our library has a great summer program promoting books and providing fun literary experiences.  If your child is an avid reader, he or she is sure to connect with the character of Lily in Library Lily, by Gillian Shields. Lily finds many adventures in books and simply can’t put her book down!  On an adventure in the park (encouraged by her mother to go out and play) Lily meets Milly, who hates to read.  Milly is an adventurous girl who shares her fun activities with Lily.  Then, Lily takes Milly on adventures through books.  A friendship is born when the girls share their loves.  This book can spark many discussions about reading, adventure, and friendship.  We hope you enjoy meeting our new friends, Lily and Milly!

*Are you more like Lily or Milly?
*What do Lily and Milly discover?
*What do you think they wrote about in their book?

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