Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Learning Collection, Part 2

As summer progresses, we hope that you and your family are enjoying learning, playing, and extra family time.  Here's a collection of learning ideas we've found that we hope will give you some new ideas as summer continues!

Scholastic Summer Challenge --Your child can join the challenge to have fun reading and win prizes.  We like the graphics that show  reading progress.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading--Your child can join the Barnes and Noble Program and win a free book.   Book lists are given according to grade levels. 

Reading Calendar Idea--This idea comes from a classroom teacher's site about how to generate ideas about reading in various ways.  We found some fun ideas and we're sure you and your children can add to the list!

Start with a Book--This is a great resource for finding books based on themes, especially if your children are looking for something new to read.

Great tips on creating a home library can be found here.  Some simple ideas, but it's always a great way to think about how to add books.

Parents Choice Award Winners Mobile Apps--This is a great compilation of apps.  Click on specific pictures to find more information.  We like that these apps have been reviewed by parents and give us information that's accurate before we purchase new apps.

For more ideas we've found, check out Part I of this collection.  Please share any ideas you've found with us.  Enjoy learning!

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