Friday, January 18, 2013

My Lucky Day

As a family, we love reading humorous books!  My Lucky Day, by Keiko Kasza, is a book that’s fun to read plus its humorous ending is just delightful!  A fox feels very lucky when a piglet knocks on his door.  Of course he grabs the piglet and begins making plans to eat him.  His lucky day turns into a lot of work, but he keeps his eye on the anticipation of eating the pig.  The pig’s clever resourcefulness causes a surprising ending to the day.  We won’t tell you the ending, but you’ll enjoy finding out whose lucky day it is!  Have fun!

*What was the funniest part of the story to you?
*Why do you think the fox listened to the pig?
*How did the pig trick the fox?
*What do you think the pig will do next?

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